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Jasbina Ahluwalia discusses with Christie Hartman, author of Changing Your Game: A Man’s Guide to Success with Women Find The Love of Your Life Online: As far as having children, that’s a life goal, whether you want them or you don’t. You don’t want to make assumptions and not pay attention to that. If you are looking for someone for the long haul, knowing the life goals and having compatibility there is crucial. Baggage doesn’t have to be a bad thing but it can be.Let’s jump to the third book, Dating the Divorced Man: Sort Through the Baggage to Decide if He’s Right for You. The most common reason why it can be a problem is when men don’t deal with their baggage.At times, our culture minimizes the importance of self-discovery and self-awareness for men; these are usually deemed priorities more appropriate for women.But times are changing, and it’s just as important for men to work through issues with thoughtful analysis and introspection. She also has considerable personal experience with dating separated and divorced men and has conducted extensive research on dating, divorce, and stepfamilies. She has taught college-level psychology and presented original research at national conferences.Granted, reading may not be a priority on your to-do list —” but it should be.It is especially important for divorced men to read about the pain they are experiencing and learn how to eliminate it so they can move on.

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