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Once his personal details are registered, his profile will be sent out to potential mates who have likewise undergone the same rigorous screening process. Thanks to operators of social clubs, date-headhunters and boutique introduction services, singles are being recognized as a market with enormous potential for revenue. With small businesses making up 57 per cent of the private workforce, that means close to a quarter of all private-sector jobs are held by the self-employed. Five years ago there were only 920,918, which represents a 10-per-cent jump in four years (the total population growth in B. According to the 2005 Small Business Profile, an annual joint publication by BC Stats, the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue, Small Business BC and Western Economic Diversification Canada, 40 per cent of small businesses in the province consist of self-employed individuals.The survey also revealed that Montreal and Ottawa are where the second and third pickiest women reside.Incidentally, women in Vancouver have been ranked 6th most beautiful in the world by Travel MSN – so, maybe the choosiness is warranted.Montreal women were ranked second and Ottawa came in third.The dating site reports that Calgary women are the least picky, followed by women in Edmonton and Toronto.

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In a discreet, unmarked office in downtown Vancouver, a man is photographed, his driver’s licence photocopied and personal references taken. That report found that while one in 10 respondents in 1991 worked 50 or more hours per week, one in four does so now.They work hard to find their clients the perfect dating match by hand-selecting and carefully screening all candidates.Their discreet and confidential service delivers high-quality dates in a low-pressure atmosphere.Turns out, Vancouver's women aren't as laid back as their city's reputation might imply. According to a survey conducted by New York based dating site, Vancouver's women are apparently not all that interested in most men in the online dating game.After examining over 40,000 interactions between straight men and women, the site found that women of the west coast were least likely to respond to men's online messages and flirting.Paddi Rice from Executive Search Dating and Sheree Morgan from Match Works give advice on making that first step.


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