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Things are a lot harder for them when they can’t have Homer acting crazy all the time.Jean then jumps in and talks about how this is a bit of a departure because Homer realizes that Bart has feelings.However for those who might be losing faith in American politics, The Simpsons also predicted that Trump would be succeeded by a strong female President - in this case Lisa Simpson - who has to clean up the mess left by his administration.“As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” she says to her advisers.Seven people on this one, including token female Caroline Omine and Joe Mantegna, even though Fat Tony isn’t in this episode.

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Finally breaking free of this desire, Smithers takes up with a new boyfriend, a Cuban-American man named Julio and voiced (as most of the series' stereotypical caricatures are) by Hank Azaria.

The Simpsons also depicted Trump as US President in a more recent episode called Trumptastic Voyage.

One of the long term writers of The Simpsons, Dan Greaney recently explained that "It was a warning to America".

In the opening sequence for the latest episode of the long-running series, Bart Simpson is seen writing "Being Right Sucks" repeatedly on Mrs Krabappel's blackboard.

Back in 2000, in an episode called Bart to the Future, he gets a vision of the future in which America has been crippled financially under a Trump presidency and is relying on bail-outs from China and Europe.


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