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Mine was supposed to easily hand screw into the groves on new ceiling mounting plate.

OPTIONAL: Give the new smoke detector the stink eye and mutter unprintable threats to your smoke alarm until you can coax it into place. Press the test button on the installed smoke detector to insure that it beeps and is installed properly and you’re done!

*Enter the Condo Blues Whammy* Of course my broken smoke alarm was in my bedroom – the only room in the house with the cathedral ceiling.

*sigh* However it was a very easy and cheap fix to replace my broken smoke alarm with one that no longer beeps and wakes us up in the middle of the night due to a false alarm once we bought a very tall ladder.

The Alarm will remain secure over a wide rotation range to allow for perfect alignment. STAND-ALONE ALARM ONLY: • If you are only installing one Smoke Alarm, restore power to the junction box.

When wall mounting, this will allow fine-tuning on the positioning to compensate for misaligned wall studs and to keep the wording level. INTERCONNECTED UNITS ONLY: • If you are interconnecting multiple Smoke Alarms, repeat steps 1-5 for each Smoke Alarm in the series. Do not restore power until all Smoke Alarms are completely installed. Under normal operation, the Green power indicator light will shine continuously. If the Green power indicator light does not light, TURN OFF POWER TO THE JUNCTION BOX and recheck all connections. Press and hold the Test/Silence button until the unit alarms.

I don’t want to lose any readers because you electrocute yourselves or fall off of a ladder and break something important. Shut the electricity off at the breaker to the room with the broken smoke detector. Chances are the smoke detector will twist off of the mount plate with your hand. I had to choose between good photo quality and losing my balance and falling off of the ladder. Remove the electrical wing nuts and connectors from the wires in the ceiling. NOTE: Some say that you can use either electrical tape or electrical wing nuts to make and insulate two connecting wires.

I choose not to fall off of the ladder and my photo quality suffered for it. WARNING: Make sure the electricity is OFF to these wires or will get a nasty, possibly fatal shock. However, my Dad taught me to use both and since he is a stickler for doing things right and safe the first time this is the method I use too. Attach the mounting ring of the new smoke detector to the ceiling by drilling pilot holes in the ceiling as needed and screwing the mounting plate to the ceiling according to the directions that came with the new smoke alarm. Attach the smoke detector to the ceiling mounting plate according to the directions that came with your new smoke alarm.

Read “Recommended Locations For Smoke Alarms” and “Locations to Avoid For Smoke Alarms” before you begin installation.

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If you need to remove the power connector, insert a flat screwdriver blade between the power connector and the security tab inside the power input block. The alarm you have may not match exactly the image shown. 1 Mounting Bracket 2 Mounting Slots 3 Locking Pins (break out of bracket) 4 Hot (Black) AC Wire 5 Neutral (White) AC Wire 6 Interconnect (Orange) Wire 7 Latch to Open Battery Compartment 8 Swing-Out Battery Compartment 9 Quick-Connect Power Connector FOLLOW THESE INSTALLATION STEPS The basic installation of this Smoke Alarm is similar whether you want to install one Smoke Alarm, or interconnect more than one Smoke Alarm. Turn off power to the area where you will install this unit at the circuit breaker or fuse box before beginning installation.

Gently pry back the tab and pull the connector free. If you are interconnecting more than one Smoke Alarm, you MUST read “Special Requirements For Interconnected Smoke Alarms” below before you begin installation. Failure to turn off the power before installation may result in serious electrical shock, injury or death. Using wire nuts, connect the power connector to the household wiring. Improper wiring of the power connector or the wiring leading to the power connector will cause damage to the Alarm and may lead to a non-functioning Alarm. Remove the mounting bracket from the base, and attach it to the junction box. Plug the power connector into the back of the Smoke Alarm. Position the base of the Smoke Alarm over the mounting bracket and turn.


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